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“You’re entirely bonkers. But I’ll tell you a secret... All the best people are!” - Alice in Wonderland

Life is bonkers. More often than not we feel bonkers ourselves. Our attention and energy is constantly pulled in multiple directions and can leave us feeling tired, stressed out, irritated, and sad. We want to get the most out of our days but somehow our waking hours are filled with the mundane things and before we know it six months have passed and we’re still frazzled and wishing for something more.

The key here is not to ignore all that comes your way and bunker down into a hermit lifestyle, but instead to get your body, mind, and soul in the right balance so you can truly enjoy all the wonderful things that life throws at you. This balance is important and it often takes a little guidance. Not many people are able to restore the optimal version of themselves without someone helping them reflect on their daily life and implement small changes that make a big impact.

This blog is intended to help you do just that. While the focus is on Parkinson’s Disease and the are details specific to that audience, the general concepts are relevant to any person who is seeking more balance in their life. Each post will be centered around maximizing one of the following four key areas of balance and vitality:

MOVE: You have 360 joints and over 650 muscles in your body and take an average of 300 MILLION steps in a lifetime. How you move, how often you move, and how you feel about movement all play a role in a balanced and fulfilling life.

 MEND: At night while we are sleeping our bodies are doing incredible things. This is the optimal time for repairing our muscles, bones, and organs (our brain included!), restoring hormones, and flushing out waste. If our sleep is disturbed we do not mend properly and this can cause an increased risk for disease, deterioration, and even death.

 FUEL: Food is medicine. It is not crazy to think that the food we swallow has just as much of an impact on the way we feel, move, and think as the pills we swallow. Our bodies crave whole, fresh, clean foods rich in nutrients. Eating healthy and staying hydrated gives each cell in our body the opportunity to function to it’s highest capacity which manifests as a healthier, happier, more energetic you.

COPE: Often overlooked by traditional medicine, stress management can play a large role in our body’s ability to heal itself. Life happens. We need to have the right tools and mindset to handle challenges when they occur in order to maintain inner peace and balance.

My hope is to fill a void left open by traditional physical therapy and help you help yourself heal faster, improve your vitality, and feel invigorated. With each post over the coming months I will try my best to give you high-quality information with actionable items that you can use immediately to improve the balance in your life.

Please feel free to leave your questions and comments below. I am happy to share this wellness journey with you and hope that you will join me in taking charge of your health!