Welcome, podcast fiend.

If you've landed on this page, it's likely because you heard Jarod Carter and me talk on the Cash-Based Physical Therapy Podcast

I had a blast chatting with Jarod about the private practice, cash-based world and hope you enjoyed it, too. He's an awesome guy and definitely has a lot to share with us all.

I'm an obsessive podcast listener and always love when guests of the show have some goodies for the audience, so I've created a few resources that can help you reach your private practice goals faster.

What You'll Find Here

Check out the free 7 Content Marketing Strategies download I created just for Jarod's listeners to help you engage and grow your audience (and referrals) and a quick pace.

Then, enjoy $20 off my ebook, How to Start your Dream Practice on the Side: 12 Steps to Your Bare-Minimum Launch, using the coupon code "CBPTPODCAST"I sorted through hours of podcasts, books, and online courses and figured out the most cost-efficient way to safely and successfully get my dream practice up and running. I invite you to use the 12-steps to get your Dream Practice off the ground, too! 

Finally, by now you know my passion is for Parkinson's. I created a free, 30-Day Parkinson's Movement Challenge that offers weekly motivation, accountability, and helpful video resources to any person diagnosed with Parkinson's. Share it with your patients, colleagues, or anyone else you feel may benefit (with my sincerest gratitude)!

Let's stay connected: Say hello at info (at) invigoratept.com.

 I can't wait to hear about your successes along your private practice journey!

My very best,