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A Letter to My Clients: Things I Wish I Could Have Told You

Here is a letter to you with things I wish I could have told you the day you were diagnosed with Parkinson's.

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What to Expect after You've been Diagnosed with Parkinson's

Practical information to educate and empower you on this new, unfamiliar journey. (No doomsday talk here)

Exercise and Parkinson's - A physical therapist's guide to getting started (Invigorate Physical Therapy and Wellness)

Parkinson's & Exercise: A Getting Started Guide

How to determine where to start based on where you are in your journey, your budget, and your personality style.

When You're Ready for the Next Level:

Parkinson's Plan of Attack© Workshop

Daily, quick-hitting videos pair with a powerful workbook and supportive community to help you construct your personal Parkinson's Plan of Attack© in 30 days.

The Parkinson's Booster Program

Ready to start a regular exercise routine? Learn more about Invigorate's 5-week, online, Parkinson's specific exercise program.

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