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How it works

1. Freezing Evaluation & Workout

  • 30-minute evaluation with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy to review any medical history that may be pertinent to your freezing episodes.
  • Your therapist will analyze your gait, coordination, strength, balance, and posture to figure out exactly WHERE, WHEN, and WHY your freezing occurs. 
  • Immediately transition into a 60-minute anti-freezing workout where your therapist will address your specific needs and give you techniques you can use at home to overcome a freezing episode more effectively.

2. Schedule Additional Visits as Needed

  • Most clients are able to leave the first session with a significant improvement in their freezing symptoms.
  • Typically 2-4 additional 60-minute sessions are recommended to have the best carryover. 
  • During these sessions we'll establish the best Home Exercise Program for you to do on your own in order to keep you successful with your freezing on an independent basis. 

3. Rinse and Repeat

  • Repeating an anti-freezing intensive every 6 months is highly recommended to get upgrades to your program and keep your brain and body strong!