How to Get Notified on Facebook for LIVE Broadcasts

First off, thanks for being part of Invigorate's Facebook community! 

I'm so glad you're here. We're going to do great things together!

Alright, here's how to make sure you're notified when I go LIVE on the Invigorate Facebook page.

(Going "LIVE" just means I will broadcast a live video stream to anyone on Facebook who wants to watch. Unfortunately Facebook doesn't always let you know I'm "live" - you have to set up notifications.)

Here's How to Make Sure You Never Miss a Broadcast:

1. "Like" Invigorate Physical Therapy & Wellness on Facebook:

2. Hover over "Following" near the top of the page. A drop-down menu will appear. (See image)

3. Make sure "See First" is selected.

4. Make sure under Notifications, it says "On (Posts)". If it doesn't, click on the pencil to the right of Notifications. This will bring up a menu. Under "Live Videos" select "All Live Posts".

That's it! You'll be notified when I go LIVE. 


Not on Facebook? No Problem.

You can watch the Facebook LIVE replays on our YouTube Channel: 

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