Resources for Therapists

Are you a therapist considering starting a private practice? Check out the resources below! 



Two step-by-step eGuides created to help you get your dream practice off the ground, and then grow it using the power of Facebook LIVE. These are the strategies I used to start my practice from scratch, and grow an online following that stretches across the globe. 


Start Your Dream Practice on the Side: 12 Steps to Your Bare Minimum Launch

How to Use Facebook LIVE to Grow Your Private Practice & Sell Your Knowledge Online




Everyone's business looks different, and it's important to gather information from other successful practitioners to determine the style of your dream practice, and to ensure your success down the line. Here are some resources from fantastic practitioners who can help you grow and scale your business for long-term success.


Dr. Jarod Carter's My Cash-Based Practice Ebook

Dr. Jarod Carter's Medicare and Cash PT Ebook


Dr. Aaron LeBauer's Starting a Cash-Based Practice for <$5K Webinar

Create My Therapist Website Workshop




Listen to interviews with a variety of popular podcasters about how I grew my private practice from the ground up and find inspiration to launch, grow, and scale your own!


Cash-Based Practice Podcast with Dr. Jarod Carter, PT

Episode 050: From Newbie to Successful Cash Practice 

Small Changes Big Shifts Podcast with Dr. Michelle Robin

Episode 88

PT Pintcast with Dr. Jimmy McKay, PT

Episode 241: Sarah King Attacks Parkinson’s Disease


Cash PT Lunch Hour with Dr. Aaron LeBauer, PT

Episode 27: It's a Neuro State of Mind


The Unbecoming Podcast with Phoebe Mroczek

Episode 08.5: The Right Way to Mastermind

Primal 7 Blog Feature

Meet Sarah: Empowering Folks to Move Beyond their Perceived Limits



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