Welcome, podcast fiend.

If you've landed on this page, it's likely because you heard Jarod Carter and me talk on the Cash-Based Practice Podcast

I had a blast chatting with Jarod about the private practice, cash-based world and hope you enjoyed it, too. He's an awesome guy and definitely has a lot to share with us all.

I'm an obsessive podcast listener and always love when guests of the show have some goodies for the audience, so I've created a few resources that can help you reach your private practice goals faster.

What You'll Find Here

Enjoy 25% off my ebook, How to Start your Dream Practice on the Side: 12 Steps to Your Bare-Minimum Launch, using the coupon code "CBPTPODCAST". I sorted through hours of podcasts, books, and online courses and figured out the most cost-efficient way to safely and successfully get my dream practice up and running. I invite you to use the 12-steps to get your Dream Practice off the ground, too! 

Finally, if you're a private practice owner who is looking to improve your online presence with Facebook LIVE, you'll find a link to How to Use Facebook LIVE to Grow Your Practice and Sell Your Knowledge Online. This workbook walks you through the exact process I use to prepare for my LIVE broadcasts, which have helped me grow my online communities by 60% and double my revenue in a year's time. 

I hope all these resources can help you achieve the success and private practice happiness that you want and deserve! 

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