Special Interview with Colin Potter from Fight-Parkinsons.org

Special Interview with Colin Potter from Fight-Parkinsons.org

Are you looking for some options to treat your Parkinson's symptoms that go beyond simply taking more medication?

Are you skeptical that adding a regular exercise program, or switching up your diet can actually make a dent in your symptoms?

If so, I have a special treat for you today. 

Colin Potter, founder of Fight-Parkinsons.org, has been diagnosed with Parkinson's since 2011, after 3 years of progressive symptoms.

At age 61, his symptoms had progressed to a point where he was dragging his feet, not swinging his arm, his writing was small, and his rigidity was so intense it would take over 20 minutes just to get out of bed in the morning. 

As he worsened, he wondered:

"Is this it? Is Parkinson's going to be the end of me?"

Fortunately, he decided it wouldn't, and set out on a journey to find answers that the medical community couldn't give him.

What he found was how significantly our daily lifestyle and environment contributed to neurological system disruption. 

I've spoken with Colin before about how he began changing his nutrition, supplementation, exercise program, and focusing on toxin elimination to help him reverse a large portion of his symptoms.  

In this interview, I brought Colin back on for an interview to talk more about his journey and what specific steps he took to regain a feeling of freedom and empowerment in his life, despite his diagnosis. 


Press play above to watch. Closed captions available (Click on "CC" at the bottom right).


Here's an outline of what we covered (with time indicators so you can go directly to what you're interested in)

3:00 - Quick Disclaimer from Sarah (This is NOT medical advice!)

7:30 - Colin’s Background - self-employed problem-solver

10:00 - Colin’s initial symptoms (3 years before official diagnosis)

12:55 - When Colin started taking medication

14:14 - The gift Colin received that changed everything

15:50 - The #1 thing Colin learned initially that launched his journey (hint: it’s at the heart of most chronic diseases)

19:04 - Peek into Colin’s diet

21:30 - How long it took for him to start seeing results (and his transition off medication)

24:00 - Colin’s advice on where to start with nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and toxin elimination upgrades

25:55 - How Colin developed an optimistic mindset and how he stays motivated to keep fighting

28:00 - What Colin’s able to do now physically that he couldn’t do 4 years ago 

29:27 - The role of exercise in Colin’s recovery plan 

31:49 - Colin’s #1 Reading recommendation 

34:53 - Colin’s supplementation program - then and now

38: 55 - The physician who Colin sees primarily to help him guide his natural treatment program (and their plan of attack)

45:20 - A recent victory that Colin was very excited about! 

47:30 - Q&A: Steps that Colin recommends when just starting out on your journey

55:55 - Answer to the question "Do I have to go 100% for these efforts to be worth it?"

 1:00:10 - Constipation, Urinary Frequency, and Colon Hydrotherapy… oh my!

1:09:50 - The role of medication in a thriving Parkinson's recovery program

Resources We Mentioned

You can thrive, despite your diagnosis.

Have you been diagnosed with Parkinson's and want to start taking powerful steps to address your symptoms without taking more medication?

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