Recapping Lessons Learned from DAY 2 of the 4th World Parkinson Congress

Press play below to listen in as Dr. Sarah King, PT, DPT recaps lessons learned from the 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland, Oregon:


(You can also watch on YouTube by clicking here.)

Outline of Topics Discussed:

Deep Brain Stimulation
2:220 Introduction to DBS
3:22 Targeting areas of your brain with DBS
4:55 Why DBS may NOT be effective for you
5:38 What symptoms respond well to DBS (and which ones don't)
7:45 The test used to predict if you'd benefit from DBS
10:05 The future of DBS - the non-invasive Focused Ultrasound Thalamotomy - for tremor
10:48 How your expectations about DBS can strongly predict your outcomes

Nutrition and Parkinson's
13:48 Food as Medicine - Addressing the question: "Does nutrition really matter?"
14:38 Clearing up the terms "Ketogenic diet" vs. "Plant-based diet"
16:30 Effects of Parkinson's therapy (medications) on Nutrition
16:50 L-Dopa linked to Malnutrition (interferes with fat metabolism, B12 absorption, etc)
18:20 The one dietary factor that increases your risk for developing Parkinson's
20:28 THREE goals of your diet if you have Parkinson's Disease
21:15 Why decrease inflammation in your body to help your brain?
22:40 Specific foods recommended to help with Parkinson's symptoms - bradykinesia, gait (walking), tremor, anxiety, depression, pain, etc.
27:00 Anti-oxidants, Vitamins, and Supplements that can help with Parkinson's symptoms
29:13 Foods to AVOID if you want to keep your symptoms at bay
31:23 Dr. John Duda talks about what to eat to use Food as Medicine
32:40 Why PLANTS protect our body and brains
33:30 The Gut Microbiome in Parkinson's

Depression & Anxiety
36:00 What causes depression and anxiety in Parkinson's?
37:15 Why depression and anxiety fluctuate (and why to talk to your MD about it)
38:00 Anxiety disorders in Parkinson's & effect on your symptoms
39:20 Non-pharmaceutical treatment options for depression and anxiety

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