Recapping Lessons Learned from DAY 3 of the 4th World Parkinson Congress

Press play below to listen in as Dr. Sarah King, PT, DPT recaps lessons learned from the 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland, Oregon:


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Outline of Topics Discussed:

Living Well with Parkinson's
2:00 Learn more about the 5-week, online Parkinson's Booster Program (
2:54 Highlights from speeches by inspirational PWPs - Brian Grant, Tim Hague, and Linda Olson

Gastrointestinal (GI) Disturbances in Parkinson's
7:30 Nausea, Drooling, and Constipation are all GI Symptoms that PWPs experience
7:48 Drooling - causes, progression and treatment options
9:54 Constipation - 3 (very different) causes and treatment options

Apathy and Parkinson's
12:26 Clearing up confusing information about apathy, fatigue, and depression
13:40 Tips for CarePartners
14:44 Why apathy fluctuates 

Special Guest #1
15:55 - Naomi Casiro, PT - Founder of NeuroFitBC (Vancouver, B.C.)
16:35 Genetic testing in Parkinson's - Should you get tested? What happens when you get the results?
18:30 Why your MINDSET is so crucial to your success
20:20 Building cognitive challenges into your Parkinson's exercise program

Special Guest #2
21:39 - Jennifer Anderson, PT, DPT - Founder of Root Physical Therapy (Phoenix, AZ)
22:39 Prevalence of freezing of gait with Parkinson's
23:05 What's happening in your brain when you freeze (Freezing Funnel Analogy) 
24:00 Factors that may predict being a "Freezer"
24:50 Treatment options for Parkinson's freezing

Learn more about how our 5-week online Parkinson's Booster exercise program can help give your brain, body, and confidence a Boost:


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