Recapping Lessons Learned from DAY 4 of the 4th World Parkinson Congress

Press play below to listen in as Dr. Sarah King, PT, DPT recaps lessons learned from the 4th World Parkinson Congress in Portland, Oregon:


(You can also watch on YouTube by clicking here.)

Outline of Topics Discussed:

2:25 Care vs. Cure - Are we too focused on finding a cure? What about the millions living with PD now?

4:45 Using Exercise as your #1 tool to improve your quality of life, now and in the log-run

6:08 Learn more about the 5-week, online Parkinson's Booster Program (

7:00 A Movement Disorder Specialist responds to the question: "Shouldn't we be able to self-medicate to some degree? I know my body better than my doctor." 

8:30 The need for Parkinson's Wellness Centers on a national level (Support the cause by signing the petition at

9:51 Exercise as a Powerful Treatment modality for Parkinson's

10:35 What is NEUROPLASTICITY? and why does it matter with Parkinson's?

12:20 Effect of exercise on dopamine levels and absorption

12:50 What's the BEST KIND of exercise??

14:00 What's happening in your cells (and brain) when you're feeling out of breath during a workout

15:05 How to integrate exercise into your daily life (8 tips you can use today)

21:49 Overview of Invigorate's fully-supported, online, 5-week Parkinson's-specific exercise program (Learn more at



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